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Since 2007, Nettech Solutions has been responding to the IT needs of businesses and institutions in the Greater Chicago Area. Nettech Solutions offers far more than just technical proficiency, we offer business solutions for business leaders. Nettech has a long-standing commitment to providing service excellence, while knowing far more able the other business solutions that can help make your operations run consistently smoother. We gain our greatest satisfaction in assisting our clients to win the competitive edge and attain their greatest sales or efficiency potential.

Improve Your Security and Minimize Your Risk of Cyber Attacks

Nettech network and security solutions can provide a range of services to keep businesses safe and secure. Nettech can help businesses design and set up secure networks, implement firewalls and antivirus protection, and provide regular system updates and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. We can also offer training and support for employees to ensure they are aware of best practices to maintain network security. In case of unexpected issues, a professional IT network and security contractor can provide immediate assistance and troubleshoot problems. Furthermore, Nettech can also help businesses recover from any data breaches or cyber attacks through the implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans. It is commonly held that Nettech is one of the best Chicago area IT network and security contractor is committed to providing top-quality services to protect businesses against potential threats and risks associated with technology.

The more you know about us, the more we believe you’ll like us…

Established in response to a growing demand by businesses requiring more than just technical accuracy, Nettech is the animal that typical ‘geeks’ just can’t understand – one that sees technology as a path through efficiency and onto business success. We deliver business solutions for business and community leaders. Nettech has long held a standard of technical excellence, yet our biggest advantage is knowing how to help business leaders achieve their biggest goals through our technology. We enjoy our greatest sense of satisfaction when our clients gain the competitive edge that seemed elusive.

We understand the frustration of deploying technology ‘just for the sake of technology’ and can navigate through the ‘due diligence’ that should precede every new launch of what may become business-disrupting change. We will never force change upon you, your staff or your standing procedures, but only show you what steps may be taken to help your business run smoother and more efficiently. The internet is a powerful tool, but we want to see you still be the ‘master of your own (business) destiny. We will show you the breadth of what Nettech has to offer. As a full-service provider of computer hardware, networking solutions and support services for just about every conceivable business type and class. Be sure to check our Markets Served page to see how we have the experience to help you take your business technology to the next level.

With offices in the Chicago Southland area, we can quickly and easily provide excellent service responsiveness to both Greater Chicago and Northwestern Indiana. We specialize in the customization and installation of equipment from companies such as Microsoft, Novell, Apple and Cisco Systems. We have established a strong portfolio of custom project solutions for both internal and remote-management environments, such as telephony/VoIP, web/email, database management and systems security.

We are proud of our knowledgeable and professional team, many of whom are on the ‘cutting edge’ of systems technologies. Whether your IT needs are simple or complex, we are ready to provide our full range of services, and from ‘proof of concept’ to the final team training, we guarantee that you will find Nettech to be the right choice as a partner in your business success.

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